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The City of London Corporation is a uniquely diverse organisation. We have a special role and wide remit that goes beyond that of an ordinary local authority with three main aims

  • to support and promote London as the world’s leading international financial and business centre and attract new business to the capital and the whole UK
  • to work in partnership with local communities to increase skills, employment and opportunities for all Londoners, including through the City Bridge Trust
  • to enhance the capital as a hub of culture, history and green spaces for Londoners – residents, workers, and visitors.

Many of these services are funded from our own resources, at no cost to the public, and benefit London and the nation.

We are centred at Guildhall but also have offices at Mansion House, Walbrook Wharf and outside the Square Mile in relation to our green spaces and other facilities.

The City Corporation is older than Parliament and our experience and tradition underpin our modern role as the provider of key services. Elected Members, headed by the Lord Mayor, operate on a non-party political basis.

While we have a long history, and many of our traditions and ceremonies continue to this day, we have a modern outlook that matches that of the City we serve.

Supporting and promoting London

The City Corporation plays a key role in sustaining London’s lead in international business and finance. This work ranges from the Lord Mayor’s role as an international trade ambassador to the Policy Chairman’s role setting the strategic direction of the organisation. We welcome foreign dignitaries and heads of state on behalf of government and represent the interests of business to Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels. This is to reinforce the importance of finance and business services to the UK economy and London’s status at its centre.

We have teams dedicated to commissioning relevant research, encouraging inward investment and helping firms find appropriate property. We lobby for projects that can improve the City (such as Crossrail) and create ‘umbrella’ initiatives that bring disparate groups together to work toward common aims. This work also includes providing modern, efficient and high quality local services within the Square Mile to ensure it has the infrastructure to thrive – from housing and libraries, to street cleaning and traffic management and our own dedicated Police force.

Working in partnership with local communities

The City cannot thrive in isolation. The City Corporation works with public, private and voluntary sectors to improve long-term economic, social and environmental well-being across London.

This is largely focused on education, employability, skills and job brokerage, in particular for young people. We also support entrepreneurships, small and medium sized enterprises and social enterprises as well as fostering corporate responsibility in firms and encouraging volunteering and related activity.

A major part of our work in this area is achieved through our charity, the City Bridge Trust who donates around £15m annually to good causes across London.

Culture, history and green spaces

Both the City and City Corporation are about more than just business. We play a major role in London’s culture and arts provision. We support this through our world renowned Barbican Centre, prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama, our funding of the London Symphony Orchestra, City of London Festival and part-funding of the Museum of London.

The City has become a visitor destination in its own right with major attractions such as Tower Bridge and Monument which we own and maintain. We also own and look after 11,000 acres of open space across London, including Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest and Burnham Beeches, alongside more than 150 gardens, churchyards, parks and plazas in the Square Mile alone.

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19 March 2013
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