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How we work

  • How we work
    Court of Common Council
    How the City of London works

    Elections, members, committees, wards, officers. Learn how the City of London works and performs

  • Budgets and spending
    Image of red pencil on budget sheet
    Budgets and spending

    The City Corporation has three sources of finance: City Fund, City's Cash and Bridge House Estates

  • Voting and elections
    Voting and elections

    The geographical Square Mile consists of 25 wards, each with a number of elected councillors (known as 'Common Councilmen').

  • Corporate governance and performance
    Court of Common Council
    Corporate Governance

    The City Corporation is governed by its elected councillors ('Common Councilmen'), its standing orders and UK Local Authority legislation.

  • Access to Information
    access information
    Access to information

    Find out about enquiries under Access to Information here.

  • Sustainability
    sustainable city

    Find out more about the City of London's work on sustainable development.