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  • How we work
    Court of Common Council
    How the City Corporation works

    Elections, members, committees, wards, officers. Learn how the City of London works and performs

  • Corporate governance
    Core values
    Corporate plan

    The Corporate Plan is a clear statement of our vision, strategic aims and policy priorities for the next four years

  • Budgets and spending
    Image of word funds
    City of London funds

    Learn about the type of resouces available and how we manage the City Fund, City's Cash and the Bridge House Estates

  • Wards
    Ward of Tower sign

    The Square Mile is divided into 25 wards, each of which are represented by a number of Members. Read more...

  • Voting and elections
    Red pencil vote
    Residential Registration

    How City residents can register to vote

  • Voting and elections
    Ballot box
    Election results

    Past results for all types of election