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  • How we work
    Court of Common Council
    How we make decisions

    Elections, members, committees, wards, officers. Learn how the City of London works and performs

  • Corporate governance
    Compass needle
    Strategies and plans

    Our strategies, plans and policies are in place to ensure that service delivery to residents and workers is set at the highest standards

  • Budgets and spending
    City of London funds

    Learn about the type of resouces available and how we manage the City Fund, City's Cash and the Bridge House Estates

  • Wards
    Ward of Tower sign

    The Square Mile is divided into 25 wards, each of which are represented by a number of Members. Read more...

  • Voting and elections
    Red pencil vote
    Residential Registration

    How City residents can register to vote

  • Voting and elections
    Ballot box
    Election results

    Past results for all types of election