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The City Corporation oversees a number of grant-giving trusts as well as awards grants to organisations.

The City Bridge Trust

Established to make use of a funds surplus to bridge requirements and provides grants totalling around £15million per year towards charitable activity benefiting Greater London, the City Bridge Trust - is the grant-making arm of Bridge House Estates, an ancient charity fund managed by the City of London Corporation.

Finance Committee Grants Scheme

The Finance Committee supports work in the areas of heritage and conservation, education and relief of poverty. Grants are met from several sources, including the City's Cash, the City Educational Trust Fund (Registered Charity 290840) and the City of London Relief of Poverty Charity (Registered Charity 1073660).

Occasionally, where charitable initiatives present a strong case for funding, the Committee will also make grants outside these areas.

Finance Committee Grants Scheme Guidelines
Apply for a grant (92KB)

Education grants

Students on higher education may be able to get loans to help with both tuition fees and living costs.
Learn more about the types of loans available, if you eligible and how to apply.

Sir William Coxen Trust Fund

The Fund (Registered Charity 206936) applies its balance for the benefit of hospitals and other organisations carrying out work of an orthopaedic nature in England. Preference is given to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital of Great Portland Street.

The capital fund, the original endowment and transfers from the Sir William Coxen Will Trust, produces approximately £80,000 per annum from which grants are made.

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The Emanuel Hospital Charitable Trust

The Trust (Registered Charity 206952) was established for the benefit of less fortunate individuals who have lived for at least two years prior to appointment as a beneficiary in the City of London, Kensington and Chelsea, Hillingdon, and Westminster.

Grants guidelines
Apply for a Pension/Grant (98KB)

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Samuel Wilson's Loan Trust

Samuel Wilson's Loan Trust benefits people suffering financial hardship by granting loans to individuals, partnerships or limited companies recently set up or about to engage in any trade, manufacture, business or profession, or by investing in shares of companies engaging in such activities.

City of London Benevolent Association

Set up in 1879 “to relieve necessitous and deserving persons who are or shall have been since 1874 inclusive members of the Court of Common Council or the widows, widowers or children of such persons”, the Association (Registered Charity 206643)​ offers support and assistance to individuals facing temporary financial hardship (accident, family death or other setback).

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11 April 2012
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18 December 2014