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Volunteering – The business case. The benefits of corporate volunteering programmes in education

14 May 2010

Special interest paper

Download 'Volunteering – The business case. The benefits of corporate volunteering programmes in education' (655kb)

This research, carried out by Corporate Citizenship, investigates the business benefits that derive from well-managed volunteering programmes. The research examines in particular the skills and competencies that employees can develop through active participation in employer supported volunteering programmes in education and the benefits that this brings to their employer. The work also illuminates the financial value to a business of the skills and competencies developed through volunteering.

The research study draws on the experience of employees in 16 businesses operating in the City of London and tracks the learning and development experienced by 546 volunteers who support students and staff in schools and colleges across the UK. The majority of respondents reported that volunteering has developed their skills and competencies across a broad range of business relevant areas. This skills development was also corroborated by their line managers.​

08 May 2012
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08 November 2012