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  • Roads, highways and pavements
    road closures and works in the City of London
    Road closures

    Latest information about road closures and works that take place in the City

  • Parking

    Find information on parking in the Square Mile, pay or challenge a parking ticket.

  • Libraries and archives
    A young adult with curly blond hair is reading a book in the library.

    Library resources, services, archives and events for community and business

  • Planning applications
    Planning Applications
    Planning applications

    Planning permission, view and comment, get pre-application advice, submit online via the Planning Portal

  • Health and wellbeing
    Hospital sign logo

    Find your nearest NHS hospital either inside the City of London or nearby.

  • Health and wellbeing
    Woman in sportswear by swimming pool
    Health and wellbeing

    Whether you want medical help or just want to improve your wellbeing, there are services in the City of London.

  • Clean streets
    clean street
    Clean streets

    Find out about the cleansing services we provide to The City, including how to report problems including missed bins

  • Adult skills and learning
    Adult skills and education
    Adult education

    Part-time courses, become a City guide, make your small business thrive