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The Square Mile is a safe place in which to live and work. However it is only prudent to prepare for those rare incidents which can cause significant disruptions.

The City of London has plans in place to support the community and the emergency services in the event of such an incident.

The City of London provides services to assist our residential community in preparing for potentially disruptive incidents.

These include information on how the City of London and the emergency services would respond to a major incident and information on current and future events which may have security implications.

Please note that should a major incident occur in the Square Mile, information will be placed on this site about the incident and the response of the emergency services.

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    Emergency plans

    Here you will find information on what to do to be ready to deal with the unexpected

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    Old police box
    Plans are in place

    Find out more details of the different channels and methods of communication that the City of London and other emergency responders would use to warn and inform you during an emergency.

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