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Don't suffer from domestic abuse in silence - help is available in the City of London.

You are not alone: one in four women and one in six men will face domestic abuse in their lifetime. Domestic abuse is any violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional) from an intimate partner or family member.

In the event of an emergency or a crime being committed, always dial 999.

The Safer City Partnership works hard to provide a safe arena for men and women experiencing domestic violence to report these crimes and receive support.

This dedication has been reflected in steady increases in the number of victims coming forward to seek help.

City of London Police public protection unit

A dedicated resource that deals with domestic abuse and related crimes in the City of London, the City of London Police Public Protection Unit has workers with a number of specialisms to ensure diversity requirements are met.

This includes a faith and religion worker and a Bengali speaker. Facilities within the PPU include a dedicated rape suite at Bishopsgate Police Station, and a domestic violence suite at Wood Street Police Station.

The unit is able to refer to a range of agencies in the surrounding area, or in the victim’s home area. This includes referral rights to havens across London for the medical examination of sexual assault victims.

Front line police staff have received training in forced marriage and honour based violence.

Telephone 020 7601 2940.

Sanctuary Project

The Sanctuary Project has been developed with the City of London Housing Service to enable individuals who are victims of domestic violence to apply for additional help to secure their homes. This help can include measures such as fire protection, window bars, and a safe room. To apply for this scheme, contact 020 7332 1654 during office hours, or 020 7606 3030 out of hours.


The fonesforsafety project is run through the City of London Police which can provide victims of domestic violence with an emergency phone alarm. These phones are reconfigured phones where pressing any button dials 999. The phone numbers are linked to the police control system, which will highlight that the household is flagged for domestic violence and provides officers with relevant information before attending.

Workplace roadshows and information leaflets

The Safer City Partnership can also provide a range of leaflets published by other organisations, supplementary advice about domestic abuse, and can run a specialist roadshow in your workplace upon request.

Telephone 020 7332 1272 for more information.​​

21 August 2014
Last Modified:
21 August 2014