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Repairs and maintenance

  • Holloway Estate
    A photograph of a residential block on the Holloway Estate

What repairs will the City of London do?

We will maintain and repair your home and estate. For a more detailed explanation of the City of London’s repair and maintenance policy, please download the housing repairs booklet. 

Download the housing repairs booklet here (4.2mb)

What the City of London is responsible for

The structure and exterior of the building, which includes:

  • the roof, chimneys and chimney stacks
  • foundations and external walls
  • the drains, gutters and all external pipes
  • external doors, window sills, frames and glass
  • boundary walls, fences, pathways, steps and other entrances to the building
  • playgrounds and play equipment

Inside your home (tenanted properties only) - this includes

  • the plumbing system, including pipe work, tanks, stopcocks, taps, baths, sinks, basins, cisterns and toilet fittings
  • internal doors and their frames, skirting boards and kitchen cupboards
  • central-heating systems, immersion heaters and gas or electric water heaters
  • electrical wiring, plug sockets, light fittings and switches and entry phones. Electrical wiring in your home and in landlord's communal areas is inspected at least every five years to ensure that the conformity and safety of the system is maintained. 

Shared parts of blocks of flats or houses - these include:

  • corridors, stairways and entrances,
  • shared facilities like television aerial systems, entry phones, rubbish chutes, lifts and stairway lighting.   

Your responsibility

We are not responsible for repairing or replacing any item that has been damaged on purpose or neglected. If we do carry out these repairs, you may have to pay for them. Neither are we responsible for repairing or maintaining any fitting or improvement that you have made to your home.  

Right to repair

You may have this right if the work has not started by the end of the time limit we have set, or if we have not carried out the repair within a reasonable time and you have allowed us reasonable access. It is a complicated procedure and applies only to some repairs inside your home. You can get more information on the rules of this scheme from your Area Housing Manager. If you are unhappy with the length of time it took us to complete your repair, you can submit a complaint and you may be eligible for compensation. Click here to find out how to follow the corporate complaints procedure.

Repairing lifts

Your Resident Estate Officer reports lift breakdowns to the lift company. We always give lift repairs high priority. If spare parts are available, the lift will be repaired on the same day. If you become trapped in a lift, press the alarm button. Your Resident Estate Officer will arrange for help as soon as possible.  

Removing graffiti

Your estate staff will remove graffiti. If they cannot, we will ask a contractor to remove offensive or abusive graffiti within three days and other graffiti within seven days.