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    Removal lorry

    ​City of London removal lorry

​We will clamp and/or remove illegally parked vehicles and vehicles that have several outstanding parking tickets.

If your vehicle has been clamped you need to contact us on 020 7332 3030 to pay the fee by credit or debit card. We do not accept cheques. 

If your vehicle has been removed you will need to attend the payment centre in person.

We can only release a vehicle to the owner (or authorised driver) with at least two forms of identification showing a current address.

You may also be liable for a daily storage charge.

After you have paid the charges you will need to go to the car pound to collect the vehicle.

The payment centre is at

2 White Lyon Court

and is open Monday to Friday between 7am - 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you do not know whether your vehicle has been removed you can telephone the Transport for London (TfL) TRACE line on 0845 206 8602. TfL holds details of all vehicles removed within the London area.