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We can only deal with parking tickets starting ‘CL’. If your parking ticket does not start ‘CL’ then you will need to contact the relevant local authority. London Councils has an interactive map providing local authority contact details.

Pay your ticket online

It's quick and safe to pay online and get a 50% discount if you pay early; typically £130 reduced to £65.

The system will only allow you to pay one ticket at a time.  Our automated telephone payment system however does accept multiple payments, please call 0845 004 0374 to make payment.

If you want to pay by cheque or postal order please follow the instructions on the ticket or letter you have received.

View evidence or challenge the ticket

Almost all tickets are supported by photographic or video evidence.  

You can view evidence or challenge the ticket online if you think the ticket has been issued incorrectly or there are special circumstances you want us to consider. 

When challenging a parking ticket remember to:

  • Include the PCN number beginning 'CL', vehicle registration and your name and address
  • Tell us as much as you can about why you consider that the PCN should be cancelled
  • Provide any evidence you have to support your challenge.

Tickets can be challenged on different grounds.  You should always read the wording carefully on the document that you have received.