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Blue Badge holders

Visitors to the City

The Blue Badge Scheme does not apply in the City because of the pressure on parking spaces but we do provide allocated parking in the Square Mile for people with disabilities.

Wherever your vehicle is parked you must display the clock and the Blue Badge so that the serial number, expiry date and the issuing authority are clearly displayed.

Designated disabled bays

Over 200 bays are available. These can be used for four hours on weekdays. Around St Bartholomew's Hospital the bays can be used for six hours on weekdays. There is no time limit at the weekend. See our map of disabled bays in the City of London

Pay and display bays with conditions

Blue Badge holders can park for an extra hour at pay and display bays after the expiry of purchased time. See our map of pay and display bays in the City of London

Blue Badge holders cannot park

  • in a suspended bay
  • on single or double yellow lines 
  • where there is a loading restriction indicated by yellow chevrons on the kerb stone
  • on the pavement or footway
  • in a bus lane 
  • in a bay reserved for specific users (eg a doctors bay)
  • where there is a dropped kerb or raised carriageway

Red Badge holders

City residents and workers

City residents and permanent City workers with disabilities may apply for a City of London Red Badge. This is valid only within the City of London. As a general guide you may qualify if you receive the higher rate Disability Living Allowance, are registered blind or have a permanent disability which makes walking very difficult.

Red Badge holders can park

  • at pay and display bays and disabled bays without paying
  • on a single yellow line for a period of 30 minutes​

Red Badge holders cannot park

  • in a suspended bay
  • on double yellow lines
  • where there is a loading restriction indicated by yellow chevrons on the kerb stone
  • on the pavement or footway
  • in a bus lane
  • in a bay reserved for specific users (eg a doctor's bay)
  • where there is a dropped kerb or raised carriageway

Advice regarding enforcement and parking


Tel 020 7332 3910

Advice line is open Monday to Friday 7am-7pm (excluding bank holidays), Weekends 8am-2pm.

Please note that our advisors are not authorised to make decisions on any challenges to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) over the phone.