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20 mph speed limit proposal

20 mph speed limit area

​The City of London Corporation is proposing to implement a 20 mph speed limit across almost all of the City. The consultation on the proposal has now closed. Objections and comments received will be reported to the City's Planning and Transportation Committee for consideration on 8 April 2014.

View a map of the area proposed to have a 20 mph speed limit (1.2MB).

Red routes (Transport for London)

Transport for London is conducting an experiment of a 20 mph speed limit on some of the red routes through the City. The experiment is likely to last for at least 12 months. During this time Transport for London will monitor the experiment's results and welcomes feedback on it.

Why is the City considering this?

The City estimates that a 20 mph speed limit would reduce casualties in the City by 30 per year. This would be a 7% reduction. The analysis that gives this predicted reduction reviewed the locations where and times when average traffic speeds were above 20 mph. 

The proposal is an important part of the City of London Road Danger Reduction Plan (200KB).

Would there be an impact on journey times?

Yes. If the average City spot traffic speed of 21.9 mph was reduced to 20 mph then for a 1.6-mile journey across the City journey times would increase by 25 seconds.

Would a 20 mph speed limit be enforced?

Yes. The Commissioner of Police for the City of London supports the proposed 20 mph speed limit because of its potential for reducing casualty frequency and severity and the City of London Police would enforce any 20 mph speed limit. The City Police actively enforce speed limits. In 2012 the City Police dealt with 2145 drivers committing speeding offences.

Isn't this about raising money?

No. All penalties for speeding offences are paid to central government. The City of London Corporation, the City of London Police and Transport for London receive no revenue from speeding offence penalties.

How would I know that I'm in a 20 mph speed limit area?

Traffic signs and road markings would clearly indicate the start and extent of the 20 mph speed limit area.

The whole of the City of London would have a 20 mph speed limit except for the A3211 between Victoria Embankment and Aldgate and the lanes and alleys between this red route and the River Thames.

Most of the London boroughs neighbouring the City already have extensive 20 mph speed limit areas. There would therefore be a continuity of speed limit across Central London rather than the introduction of more changes in speed limit. The majority of the City's boundary roads would therefore also have a 20 mph speed limit (some already do).

Would there be road humps or chicanes?

No. Physical traffic calming measures such as road humps would not be introduced as part of the 20 mph speed limit scheme. The 20 mph speed limit is expected to be self enforcing; that is to say, we expect most drivers to abide by the 20 mph speed limit without being forced to slow down by intrusive infrastructure. This expectation is informed by the existing average City spot speed of 21.9 mph and the relevant government guidance, which is based on experience of 20 mph speed limits elsewhere.

17 January 2014
Last Modified:
25 February 2014