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Download the Hampstead Heath 2016/17 Diary (1MB) to find out about all of the Heath's facilities, sports, children's activities and events.

Hampstead Heath is one of London's most popular open spaces, situated just six kilometres from Trafalgar Square.

An island of beautiful countryside, the magic of Hampstead Heath lies not only in its rich wildlife and extensive sports and recreational opportunities, but also in its proximity and accessibility to millions of people.

There is a zoo, an athletics track, an education centre, extensive children's facilities, three swimming ponds and a Lido.

We are currently planning expanded public consultations regarding our café facilities. For more information, please see our News page.

Biodiversity in the city

Hampstead Heath's mosaic of habitats provides a resource for wildlife just six kilometres from the centre of London. It is of national as well as regional importance. The City of London aims to maintain and extend the Heath's status as one of London's best places for wildlife. Hampstead Heath features a number of priority species identified in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.


Hampstead Heath provides excellent facilities for organised sport. With a lack of open space in surrounding densely populated boroughs, Hampstead Heath has a crucial role to play in providing sporting opportunities and promoting good health.


Find out details of the Hampstead Heath committees and their meetings, agendas and minutes.

Support the Heath with a donation

You may not realise that Hampstead Heath is a Registered Charity. We value every penny of your generous donations to help us protect this green space for recreation and health for future generations to enjoy. To contribute, however small, please see our donation page.

Registered charity nos. 803392 and 232986.​

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What's happening
Zippo's Circus
29 Sep 2016 - 04 Oct 2016
00:00 - 23:59
Hampstead Heath

Zippo's Circus celebrates 30 Years of Circus with an exciting array of human and animal performers.

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01 Oct 2016
09:00 - 11:00
Hampstead Heath

One year anniversary! Free, times runs for all abilities.

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