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Step into the ruins of London's Roman Amphitheatre and discover the hidden history under your feet at the Guildhall in the centre of London.

Get a taste for the amphitheatre in the new 360 tour from London & Partners.

Founded by the Romans, the City of London is the capital’s oldest quarter and the only place where you’ll get to see Roman remains. Hear the roar and feel the heat in its Roman Amphitheatre where, 2,000 years ago, thousands gathered to watch wild animal fights, public executions and gladiatorial combats.

London’s Roman Amphitheatre was lost for centuries until the original walls were discovered by archaeologists in 1988. Now you can wander through these ancient remains and imagine the bloody events that once provided entertainment for the public. In the beautiful courtyard above, a line traces the shape of the former amphitheatre.

Opening hours
Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12 noon-4pm

Entry to London's Roman Amphitheatre is free - plan your visit.​

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    Inside London's Roman Ampitheatre

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