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John Tallis's London Street Views 1838-1840

  1. Author:
    John Tallis

    Tallis's iconic work includes carefully drawn elevations of both sides of the principal streets of London in 1838-40, creating a remarkable source for the student of London's topographical or social history.

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    ‘One of the wonders of the present age … a most singular and successful effort to depict a plan of London, by giving a representation of each street, with the front of every house.’ So wrote a contemporary reviewer of the publication issued between 1838 and 1840. It was the brainchild of John Tallis, an enterprising young London bookseller. Each part depicted the elevations of both sides of a major London street, engraved with a map of the surrounding area and a view of the street itself, or a shop or famous building there.
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    London Topographical Society (01/01/2002)
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    0 902087 47 9

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