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​2017 is a big year for the City. Elections will be held in March for the City Corporation's main Court of Common Council and people who work in the Square Mile can join residents in voting for candidates they want to represent them and their organisation.

The City Corporation is answerable to its stakeholders and voting in City-wide elections is the most direct way for you to shape our work and services.

The more eligible people that vote, the more representative we can be.

  • Are transport links in the City good enough?
  • Are there enough green spaces?
  • Do you feel safe at night?
  • Do cyclists get a raw deal?
  • Are there enough cultural activities on offer?
  • Is the City Corporation doing enough to help business?
  • Should air quality be better?

These issues just scratch the surface of the huge range of our work that you can help influence through your vote. For City residents, this is relatively straightforward as the City Corporation is your local authority and provides services like education, housing, libraries and refuse collection that you would expect from a council. For people who work in the City, the importance of voting may not be so obvious. However, working in the City means that you may spend more of your time here than you do at home. You wouldn't think twice about voting on services where you live so why not have the same influence here?

​Key dates

17 February
Publication of the Notice of Election - the official start of the election. Earliest date for the submission of candidate nomination papers.
28 February
Last possible date for the submission of nomination papers (noon)
2 March
Publication of the Statements of Persons Nominated (the lists of candidates standing for election in each Ward)
8 March
Deadline for voters to apply for voting by post.
15 March
Deadline for voters to apply for proxy voting.
22 March
Wardmotes (Ward meetings)
23 March
Election day