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About the City

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  • The Lord Mayor
    Peter Estlin, 691st Lord Mayor of the City of London
    Role and purpose

    The Lord Mayor, Head of the City of London, is an international ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector

  • How we make decisions
    Court of Common Council
    Governing bodies

    Lord Mayor, Aldermen and members of the Court of Common Council

  • How we make decisions
    Corporate Plan illustration
    Corporate plan

    Our vision, strategic aims and policy priorities for the next four years

  • Budgets and spending
    Statistics and graphs

    Find out about statements, annual audits and summary budget...

  • Law and historic governance
    Old Bailey sign
    Central Criminal Court

    Old Bailey: how to get there, best times to access the public galleries

  • Access to Information
    Opening lock illustration
    Freedom of Information

    Make enquiries under the Freedom of Information Act

  • Law and historic governance
    Fiona Bruce
    Freedom of the City

    One of the oldest traditional ceremonies still in existence today

  • Filming
    Clint Eastwood chair

    Find the perfect location for your shoot in the Square Mile

  • Working with the community
    Grants concept
    Central grants programme

    Find out about projects we fund and whether you are eligible to apply