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The City in numbers: interesting facts and stats about the City of London.

Firms in the City

  • There were 15,105 enterprises located in the City of London in 2013.
  • The vast majority (98.5%) of City firms are SMEs.
  • High Growth SME Firms make up almost 10% of the SME business population in the City.
  • Well-represented sectors are professional services, financial and insurance services, business services and information and communication.

Working with other boroughs

We work with London boroughs to support young people. In the year to March 2015, we provided business support to 554 small businesses and helped 326 residents into jobs. We also placed 90 young people into apprenticeships and 119 school leavers into paid placements at City businesses through the City of London Business Traineeship programme.

Finally, we introduced 3407 City and City Fringe residents to City-type jobs through aspiration-raising activities and taster visits to City businesses and provided learning and training opportunities for 2908 City and City Fringe residents

About the City we look after

  • 392,400 people are employed in the City of London
  • 529 foreign companies listed in London, representing 20% of the global foreign equity listings. (TheCityUK, October 2014).
  • 251 foreign banks in London (TheCityUK, July 2014).
  • $330bn of worldwide premium insurance income in the UK in 2013. The UK has the largest insurance industry in Europe and the third largest in the world. (Association of British Insurers, 2014).
  • 20% of the world’s foreign equity market is listed in London.
  • Leading western centre for Islamic finance, with 22 banks supplying Islamic financial services, five of which are fully Sharia compliant (TheCityUK, July 2014).
  • 18% of cross-border lending arranged in the UK. (TheCityUK, 2014).​
  • $2.7trn of foreign exchange turnover each day - 41% of global foreign exchange (TheCityUK, July 2014).​

For more detailed information see our business statistics page

Our local and policing services

  • We look after more than 2,700 properties. We own and manage 11 housing estates, two within the Square Mile, and the other nine across other London boroughs.
  • We provide household and commercial waste services to the Square Mile. This includes processing approximately 5,000 tonnes of residential and street cleansing waste per annum.
  • We are responsible for cleansing 88.8 km of streets and walkways in the Square Mile, including 7km of Transport for London roads.
  • As the planning authority for the Square Mile we consider more than 1,000 planning applications a year.

Our unique services

  • The London Metropolitan Archives is the largest local authority record office in the UK and looks after 105 km of books, maps, films and photographs.
  • We are the Port Health Authority for the River Thames covering patrolling 94 miles of the tidal Thames from Teddington Lock to the Thames Estuary.
  • In 2012, Heathrow Animal Reception Centre dealt with over 63m individual animals including 200,000 reptiles and 25m fish.
  • Billingsate Market is the UK's largest inland fish market and offers the largest selection of fish and fish products in the UK with an average of 25,000 tonnes of fish and fish products are sold through its merchants each year.
  • More than 100,000 tonnes of meat and allied products pass through Smithfield Market each year.
  • The City Bridge Trust in 2011/2012 awarded £18.9m in 230 separate grants making this period the second most successful year, only surpassed in 2004/2005 when grants reached just over £19 million.

Living and working in the Square Mile

Learn about the latest trends on housing distribution and residential population, employment and visitors, planning policies and the latest development. Find out more on our Development and population information pages.

05 July 2012
Last Modified:
28 October 2016