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Wardmotes are Ward meetings that take place on an annual basis outside election years to allow constituents to meet their elected representatives.

These meeting provides an opportunity for voters to raise concerns and ask questions of their Alderman and Common Councilmen. The Members will also give an update to voters regarding work they have been doing over the year and provide details of relevant news.

There are a couple of brief formal items to attend to which are concerned with appointing Ward officers and there is an element of City tradition to observe in the way that the meeting is ceremonially opened and closed.

Wardmotes 2017

In March 2017 all 100 Common Councilmen representing the 25 Wards in the City will be up for re-election. A Wardmote will take place in each Ward in 2017, however the structure of the meeting will be different as the Wardmote is part of the election process. The Wardmotes will take place on Wednesday 22 March 2017. Further information regarding times and venues will be published in due course.