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There are several ways to apply for the Freedom: by servitude, by patrimony, by nomination or by presentation via a Livery Company.

New members of the City Livery Companies are generally encouraged by the Company to apply for the Freedom. The process of becoming a Freeman through a Livery Company is explained in full by the Clerk of the Company.

Persons who have been on the City of London Electoral Roll for a minimum of one year may obtain the Freedom without the need for an application visit or Common Council approval. There is no fee in such cases and applicants should advise that they are on the Ward List.

Freedom by Nomination – Persons of any nationality may apply for the Freedom by nomination. Forms are available from the Chamberlain’s Court and the applicant must be nominated by two sponsors who will be Common Councilmen of the City of London, Aldermen or Liverymen.

The applicant then makes an appointment to attend the Chamberlain’s Court for an ‘application visit’. He or she would bring a number of documents supporting the application - to include a full birth certificate, the completed nomination form and the Freedom Fee which is known as the ‘fine’. The current 'fine' is £100.

The application is then presented to the Court of Common Council for approval, after which the applicant is advised in writing to contact the Court to arrange a date for the Freedom Ceremony.

In addition, there is another specialised category open to those people who wish to stand for election for the Court of Common Council and who do not have ready access to the Nominators outlined (the Lord Mayor, Sheriff, Aldermen, Common Councilmen of the City of London or Liverymen). In such a case, an applicant can be supported by any two electors registered in the City or by two persons eligible to sign an application for a passport.

For further information on the Freedom of the City email  or call the Chamberlain’s Court on 020 7332 3055

Fair processing notice

The information you provide when applying for the Freedom of the City of London, or other information provided in support of your application, will be held by the City of London Corporation in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used for the purpose of processing your request to receive admission to the Freedom of the City of London.

The fact and means (redemption, patrimony or servitude) of your admission may be made public in the records of the Court of Common Council and Court of Aldermen, consisting of name, occupation and address, published as part of any required application to either of these Courts for admission. Your personal data will otherwise not be disclosed to third parties.

The City of London Corporation may use your contact details in order to contact you about City of London Corporation initiatives or to consult you about its services, but only if you have given your consent for us to do so.