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Corporate governance

The Code of Corporate Governance forms a series of regulatory documents and protocols which govern how we operate and take decisions. These procedures are followed to ensure our actions are fair, efficient, transparent and accountable.

Constitutions, memberships and terms of reference

Standing Orders outline how the courts shall be run and the Code of Conduct details the principles to which Members must adhere.

Standing Orders Court of Aldermen (300KB)
Standing Orders Court of Common Council (530KB)
Code of Conduct Members (66KB)
Code of Conduct Guidance to Members (73KB)
Code of Conduct Non-pecuniary interests (220KB)
The Scheme addresses the situation where
a Member demonstrably suffers financial loss
Members' Financial Loss Scheme (400KB)
Terms of reference Court of Aldermen (40KB)
Loss from fraud and corruption Anti-fraud activities
Raising concerns about malpractice Whistleblowing


Download the Policy and guidance on the granting of dispensations (220KB)
Download the Dispensation application form (136KB)


A guidance for Members and Officers
appointed or nominated to outside bodies
Protocol for Members (385KB)
A guide to working relationships between
Members of the Court and Officers
Protocol on Member/Officer relations - (119KB)
Procedures for the Licensing Committee
in relation to its functions as Licensing 11
Authority for the City
Licensing protocol (340KB)
A guide for Members and Officers and
to inform the public about the ethical conduct
of its statutory planning functions
Planning protocol (420KB)
A brief guide to filming, photographing
or making an audio recording of proceedings
at public meetings
Filming protocol (30KB)
City of London Corporation
Members’ Diversity Charter
Members Diversity Charter (77KB)

Key members' roles and responsibilities

Job description Non-Aldermanic Sheriff (170KB)
Job description Common Councilman (195B)
Job description Chief Commoner (170KB)
Job description Chairman of the Policy & Resources Committee (170KB)
Job description Chairman of the Finance Committee (195KB)
Job description Chairman of Committees (195KB)
Job description Deputy Chairman of Committees (150KB)
Job description Ward Deputy (160KB)

The Court of Aldermen and the Aldermanic Appraisal Process

The following documentation sets out the job descriptions and person specifications for the roles of Alderman, Aldermanic Sheriff and Lord Mayor. The document also provides details about the Aldermanic Appraisal process which is conducted annually to determine which Alderman shall be supported for progression to the Shrievalty and Mayoralty in the following year.

Complaints about Members

To make a complaint, read the Complaints Procedure. (215KB) Fill in the form (in the Appendix) returning it to the contacts specified.

Financial Regulations

Pay Policy Statement

We are required to set out our approach to a range of issues, particularly those relating to remuneration for senior staff (Chief Officers on the Senior Management Grade) and our lowest-paid staff. These provisions do not apply to staff of local authority schools or teaching staff in the three City Schools.

Scheme of Delegations

The Court of Common Council has agreed the principle that authority should be delegated to Chief Officers (498KB) (and their nominated Deputies or Assistants) for carrying out the day-to-day management of all services and for the discharge of specific statutory and non-statutory functions.

The Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Disclosures

Working with children

Members of the following Committees/Boards are deemed to be working with children and/or vulnerable adults in terms of the child protection etc. legislation and, as such, are required to undergo the CRB disclosure process:

  • Community & Children's Services
  • Board of Governors of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama
  • Board of Governors of the City of London School
  • Board of Governors of the City of London School for Girls
  • Board of Governors of the City of London Freemen's School

For more information see DBS checks.