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The City of London Corporation supports, promotes and enhances the City of London as the world leader in international finance and business services, and maintains high quality, accessible and responsive services for the benefit of its communities, neighbours, London and the nation.

The Corporate Plan 2015 - 2019 (205KB) provides a framework for the delivery of services.


  • To support and promote The City as the world leader in international finance and business services.
  • To provide modern, efficient and high quality local services, including policing, within the Square Mile for workers, residents and visitors.
  • To provide valued services, such as education, employment, culture and leisure, to London and the nation.


  • Supporting and promoting the UK financial based services sector throughout the world for the benefit of the wider UK economy
  • Improving the value for money of our services within the constraints of reduced resources
  • Engaging with London and national government on key issues of concern to our communities such as transport, housing and public health
  • Maximising the opportunities and benefits afforded by our role in supporting London’s communities
  • Increasing the outreach and impact of the City’s cultural, heritage and leisure contribution to the life of London and the nation
  • Preventing and combating economic crime and fraud throughout the UK

Our corporate plan is supported by a series of key strategies, plans and policies

Air quality
Aiming to reduce the impact of poor air quality on the health of City residents, workers and visitors, and seeking opportunities to influence air quality policy across London to secure lower levels of air pollution in the Square Mile
Children and families
Working to make the City a safer and stronger community: improving the health and wellbeing of both City resident and workers, supporting vulnerable people and ensuring every child can thrive and achieve their full potential
Equality and Inclusion
Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and providing an inclusive, respectful and discrimination-free work environment
Health and wellbeing
We want to positively influence the health of everyone who lives and works in the City, enabling them to live healthily, preventing ill health developing, and promoting strong and empowered groups of individuals who are motivated to drive positive change within their communities and businesses
Setting our vision for housing, in the City and our estates in neighbouring areas, by increasing the supply and providing homes that are secure, can be economically heated, are free from damp and can be adapted to accommodate changing needs
Considering applications for the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment, with a view to promoting the licensing objectives
Open Spaces
Protecting and enhancing the gardens in the City by creating a network of high quality and inspiring open spaces which helps ensure an attractive, healthy, sustainable and socially cohesive place for all the City’s communities and visitors
Setting the vision for shaping the Square Mile in the future: find out what are the policies which guide planning decisions
The City of London Police Policing Plan 2017 - 2020 
Safer City
Working in partnership to tackle issues like anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse, night-time economy issues, fraud and economic crime and counter terrorism to name a few
Sustainable environment
Raising environmental issues awareness, and particularly climate change, its potential impacts and how to prepare for and adapt to them
Sustainable waste management
Encouraging and supporting residents and businesses to take responsibility for reducing the overall waste they produce, for a safer, cleaner City
Visitors and City culture
Our vision for 2017 is to see the City’s identity as a cultural hub strengthened in its own right, alongside its status as a financial centre, maximising the deep and interlinking cultural assets of the City to enrich and enlighten many lives