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Emergency planning

The City of London Corporation, has a very high priority to ensure residents, workers and businesses are kept informed in the event of serious incidents.

Protecting residents, City workers and businesses

The City has an overarching business continuity strategy and framework, as well as a corporate business continuity plan for large scale disruptions that affect more than one business area or location.

From low-level disruption due to sudden failures in utility supplies, transport issues or extreme weather, right up to terrorist attacks, we work in close partnership with the City of London Police and other emergency response organisations, to ensure we have a solid business continuity plan in place.

We have a duty to

  • maintain plans to ensure they can continue to exercise their functions in the event of an emergency
  • train staff responsible for business continuity
  • exercise and test plans, and review them on a regular basis

Keep up to date

The City Corporation’s Business Continuity is managed by the Security and Contingency Planning Group. The Group provides training to staff on core business continuity competencies required and conducts regular reviews of the business continuity management system as a whole.

Both corporate and departmental arrangements are regularly reviewed to ensure they align with the relevant risk registers and business objectives. Officers from the different business areas share best practice and validate their arrangements through the Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Steering Group.