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Ward boundaries

The area of the Square Mile is divided into 25 wards each of which are represented by a number of Members. Allocation of Members is determined by the size of the electorate and comprises one Alderman, with the remaining allocation made up by Common Councilmen. See a map of the current ward boundaries in the City.

The City of London gave a number of parliamentary undertakings to secure wider electoral reform than was provided for in the City of London (Ward Elections) Act, the legislation promoted by the City of London Corporation to change the City's electoral system.

These included a commitment to review the boundaries of the four residential wards to preserve the residential character of those wards and a further pledge to review the boundaries of the remaining wards.

A ward boundary review was undertaken in 2003, and as part of that process the City of London carried out a reduction in the number of Members.

The review was undertaken by a panel consisting of the Town Clerk and Chief Executive, the Recorder of London and the Common Serjeant (the two most senior judges at the Old Bailey). The review was completed 2010 and the new boundaries came into effect in 2013.

Read the reports from the review

For further details of the ward boundary review, call the electoral services helpline on 0800 587 5537 or email

18 July 2012
Last Modified:
28 November 2013