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Calendar fragment with half-opened sheets in different angles

Official events attended by the Lord Mayor in 2018-19

​Dates Events​
Friday 8 November​ ​The Installation Luncheon​
Saturday 9 November​ Lord Mayor's Show
Monday 11 November​ ​Lord Mayor's Banquet
Saturday 5 January The Lord Mayor's Children's Fancy Dress Party​
Monday 7 January Plow Monday Dinner
Thursday 10 January ​London Government Dinner
Tuesday 5 February Dinner to the Court of Aldermen
Thursday 28 March Dinner to the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff
Thursday 13 May ​The Easter Banquet
Thursday 16 May ​Business and Investment Dinner
Thursday 20 June Dinner to the Bankers and Merchants
Wednesday 3 July Dinner to H.M. Judges
Thursday 5 September International Trade Dinner
Tuesday 24 September The Dragon Awards Dinner
Wednesday 2 October Luncheon to the Lord Mayor Elect
Thursday 24 October City Banquet
Thursday 31 October LMS “At Home”

See also relevant speeches made by the Lord Mayor at some of these events

05 April 2012
Last Modified:
02 October 2019