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Key media events

Official events taking place in 2017

Saturday 7January
The Lord Mayor's Children's Fancy Dress Party
Monday 9 January
Plow Monday Dinner
Thursday 12 January
London Government Dinner
Wednesday 1 February
Dinner to the Court of Aldermen
Thursday 2 March
Business and Investment Dinner
Thursday 30 March
Dinner to the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff
Wednesday 26 April
The Easter Banquet
Thursday 15 June
Dinner to the Bankers and Merchants
Wednesday 5 July
Dinner to H.M. Judges
Friday 22 September
St Matthew's Day
Tuesday 26 September
The Dragon Awards Dinner
Friday 29 September
Luncheon to the Lord Mayor Elect​
Wednesday 4 October
City Banquet​
Friday 10 November
The Installation Luncheon​
Saturday 11 November
Lord Mayor's Show​
Monday 13 November
Lord Mayor's Banquet
05 April 2012
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04 May 2017