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31 May 2017

To the Masters, Prime Wardens, Upper Bailiff and Clerks of the several Livery Companies

Dear Sir / Madam,

Mayoralty and Shrievalty – 2017 Aldermanic Appraisal Process

As is customary, at this time of the year the Court of Aldermen shares with the Livery the names of those Aldermen who it is supporting for progression to the Shrievalty or Mayoralty over the next year or so.

The Court's position on the Mayoralty for 2017/18 is already clear but I will recap. At the election of the Lord Mayor this year, if Alderman Charles Bowman is one of the two Aldermen whose name is returned by the Livery to the Court, then he will be elected.

The Court met recently to discuss the Mayoralty for 2018/19. The names of three Aldermen were considered: Peter Estlin, the late Sir Paul Judge and William Russell. The Court decided that it would support Alderman Peter Estlin for election as Lord Mayor for 2018/19, and, accordingly, if Alderman Peter Estlin is one of the two whose name is returned, then he will be elected.

In respect of the Shrievalty, members of the Livery will be aware that the Court of Aldermen is supporting Alderman Tim Hailes for election as the Aldermanic Sheriff later this month. The Court’s position in respect of the following year, 2018/19, is to support one Alderman for progression, that being Alderman Vincent Keaveny.

For the 2019/20 Mayoralty, the Court has expressed its support for Alderman William Russell subject to a further vote by the Court after the 2018 appraisal round. In respect of the 2019/20 Shrievalty, again subject to a further vote by the Court after the 2018 appraisal round, it has expressed its support for Alderman Michael Mainelli.

As in previous years, the Court hopes that this process of deciding which candidates it will support for progression to higher office in the years ahead continues to be of benefit to the Livery.

Yours sincerely,

Lorraine Brook
Principal Committee and Member Services Manager

cc: All Members of the Court of Common Council
Sir Win Bischoff
Sir Roger Carr
Sir Gerry Grimstone
The Officers of the Court of Aldermen
The Chairman of the Livery Committee

18 May 2012
Last Modified:
29 September 2017