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Common Hall elections

Common Hall is a meeting of the Liveryman of the City of London Livery Companies, held at Guildhall twice a year, to elect a number of municipal officers including the Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor.

The Lord Mayor is elected annually at Michaelmas, on 29 September and the City's Sheriffs are elected after Midsummer day on 24 June. The predominant role of the Sheriffs is to support the Lord Mayor in their official duties undertaken on behalf of the City of London Corporation.

At Common Hall on Monday 24 June 2019, Alderman Michael Mainelli and Christopher Hayward were elected as Sheriffs for the City of London. They will take up office in September 2019.

Elections also took place for other officers of the City including Ale Conners, Auditors of the Chamberlain’s and Bridgemasters’ Accounts and Bridgemasters.

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