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Ward elections

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The City of London has retained its 25 wards, all of which are represented on the Court of Common Council by an Alderman and a number of Common Councilmen.

Aldermen and Common Councilmen are elected by the electors of the ward who are registered to vote on the relevant ward list. Registration occurs annually when forms are sent to all residents and businesses in the City.

The City has a unique demography with a relatively low residential population but an estimated daily working population in excess of 300,000. This is reflected in its electorate.

Registering to vote for Ward Lists 2017/2018

The Provisional Ward Lists was published in December 2016 and the final revised Ward Lists 2017/18 will be in force until 15 February 2018.

Why does the City have a different voting system?

The City is the only area in the country in which the number of workers significantly outnumbers the residents and therefore, to be truly representative of its population, offers a vote to City organisations so they can have their say on the way the City is run.

About the elections

The City of London Wardmote book (1MB) sets out the national and local legislation governing City of London Ward elections of Common Councilmen and Aldermen. The Book has been produced as a guide to the procedure to be followed at ward elections in the City of London, from the registration of voters to the qualifications of candidates in elections and the day of the election.

For Common Councilmen, elections are held every four years. Aldermanic elections are held as required, as Aldermen serve a term of six years. These are elections for Aldermen and Common Councilmen only – not for the Greater London Authority, UK or European Parliaments.


​They are voting for candidates to represent them, or the organisation for which they work, in the Court of Common Council – the decision making body of the City of London. Each ward elects one Alderman and a number of Common Councilmen (the number depending on the size of the ward) to represent them.

Common Councilmen

They sit on the different committees that discuss and make decisions on the day-to-day activities and projects of the City of London. The crucial issues that arise from th​ese committees go on to be debated in the Court of Common Council. Common Councilmen cover a wide range of professions and City interests but do not represent any political party. They are elected for a four year term.


The Alderman is the senior Member of a ward and also sits in the Court of Aldermen which has historic functions such as approving people for Freedom of the City and approving the formation of new livery companies. The Lord Mayor is drawn from the ranks of the Aldermen. There are separate arrangements for Aldermen whereby they face re-election every six years.

Uncontested elections

If the number of candidates nominated equals the number of places vacant those candidates are returned. However, irrespective of whether or not there is a contest in an individual ward, a meeting known as a 'wardmote is held. At this meeting the voters in the ward have the opportunity to meet and question the candidates and raise issues with them. All registered voters will be written to individually to inform them of the time and date of the wardmote, and poll, if required.​​

Elected Beadles

The 25 Wards of the City elect a suitable person to the ancient office of ‘Ward Beadle’ of which there are 29 (the three largest Wards have two or three Beadles).

Martyn Craddock
Tim Wright
Frederick Trowman
Jonathan Chapman
Jim Shrubb and Joseph Akoto-Mensah
Bread Street
Angus Ross
Ken Chaproniere
Broad Street
Terry Taylor
William Bateman
Castle Baynard
Geoff Tucker
Bob Lovell
Coleman Street
Dr Richard Fynes
Alan Warman
RC Collins
Cripplegate Within
Ian Wingfield
Cripplegate Without
Adele Thorpe
John Cash
Farringdon Within
Wilf Jones
Farringdon Without
Richard Darby
Farringdon Without
Roger Davis
Farringdon Without
David Boston
Lime Street
Stephen Kipping
Stan Brown
David Keil
Paul 'Spike' Abbott
Ellis Pike
Leslie Grout

Honorary Secretary and Clerk
Tony Sharp
59 Centre Point
London SE1 5NX
020 7394 1271
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