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Postal votes

Date created: 6/10/2020

Apply for a postal vote

You can have your ballot papers sent to the address where you are registered to vote or an alternative address.

You can apply to vote by post at any time, but the deadline for applications at an election is at 5pm 11 working days before polling day

Postal vote application form PDF (99KB)
Date submitted: 1/17/20
Make sure you complete all sections and supply your date of birth and signature in the boxes provided. It is an offence to supply false information on this form.

Receiving your postal vote

Postal votes are usually sent out around 10 days before election day. Once you have received your postal voting pack read the enclosed instructions, complete your postal vote and return it us as soon as possible in the prepaid envelopes provided.

We can send ballot papers worldwide but you need to ensure there is enough time to receive, complete and return the forms or they may not be counted. Alternatively, you can appoint somebody else to vote on your behalf as a proxy.

You have until the close of poll on election day to return your postal vote to us. If it arrives later than this time it will not be counted.

Once you have been issued a postal vote you cannot vote at a polling station. However you can drop your postal vote off at a polling station that is in the same ward or constituency.