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CILNF - Approved Grants

Date updated: 3/08/2023

Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Fund grants approved to date.

Barbican Association

£449,550 to construct a community room in the Barbican Library.


£10,200 to deliver family-friendly activities in the City of London to celebrate ‘Morph’s Epic Art Adventure’, London’s first step-free and accessible sculpture trail.


£75,210 to create six steel enamelled panels to line the walkway of Globe View. The design will be informed by intergenerational groups from the local community.


Age UK City of London

£40,950 over one year to fund management and project costs to deliver a range of needs-led activities, whilst building and maintaining effective long-term relations with local agencies and services.

St. Giles without Cripplegate

£17,336 to determine the cause, and remedial action for deteriorated Purbeck floor, and conservation of surviving medieval masonry which is damaged by salts activity.

Ramadan Tent Project

£13,550 to support the event costs of an Open Iftar at the Guildhall Library on 6th April 2023.

Tempo Time Credits Ltd

£24,934 over a year towards delivering Time Credits supporting volunteer retention and community impact.

New Diorama

£181,000 over two years (£90,400; £90,600) towards Artists in the City - supporting and connecting independent artist communities.


£240,870 over three years (£35,970; £74,085; £130,815) to support an inclusive and sustainable cultural rebuild in the City of London through large-scale international performance and outreach that engages City workers, residents and visitors.

St Botolph without Aldgate    

£50,000 towards a two-storey extension to the Grade I church, providing accessible WCs and facilities for the community and support the sustainable future of St Botolph’s.

St Stephen Walbrook    

£25,067 in one year to fund the installation of a Streaming and Recording System within the church of St Stephen Walbrook, which will enable livestreaming and recording of services, concerts and other events.

Barbican Centre Trust Limited    

£273,370 over 12 months to deliver the second year of the Creative Communities programme, collaborating with partners across the City to strengthen connections with and between neighbours and the culture on their doorstep.

St. Michael Cornhill    

£7,855 over six months to fund five benches, a tree bench, miscellaneous equipment and a gardening shed.

The Temple Church    

£408,500 over four years ((£336,000; £32,500; £20,000; £20,000) towards the capital costs (getting to RIBA 3) and the salary of a part-time Outreach Manager plus 18 months of funding for a part-time Fundraising Manager.

Barts Heritage    

£774,000 over 5 years (£120,000; £97,000; £256,000; £256,000; £45,000) for Barts Heritage community activity programme.


£46,824 over three years (£15,000; £15,600; £16,224) to support the ‘Ready to Work’ programme which equips young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) to be work ready and to remain in employment. 

Curving Road    

£24,000 in one year to support two weekend festivals of performances and exhibitions featuring 20 artists from the Square Mile and beyond.

Historical Royal Palaces    

£300,000 over one year for the hard-landscaping and infrastructure that will enable the Platinum Jubilee ‘Superbloom’ celebration.

Outset Contemporary Arts Fund    

£110,932 over one year to support a delivery partnership securing long-term creative infrastructure, and rapid activation using short-term projects, to achieve “Fuelling Creative Renewal” and “Culture/Commerce Taskforce” strategic aims.

Pollinating London Together    

£230,000 over two years (£112,500; £117,500) towards the post of a full-time Ecologist/Project Manager, administrative support, and related project costs.

Royal Society for Blind Children  

£48,464 over one year towards the costs of the first year's operating costs of the Life without Limits Centre.

Temple Bar Trust    

£250,000 over five years (£50,000; £50,000; £50,000; £50,000; £50,000) to provide an educational programme for the local community, children and visitors, based in the refurbished Temple Bar and adjoining accommodation in Paternoster Lodge.

The World Reimagined Limited    

£100,000 to fund the World Reimagined Sculpture Trail in May 2022.

New Diorama    

£154,640 over nine months towards salary, operational and related project costs at the NDT Broadgate creative hub.

Barbican Centre Trust Limited    

£39,663 Funding towards the cost of increasing project delivery for the Creative Communities programme within its first year.

Golden Lane Estate Residents' Association    

£50,000 to improve cycle parking and accessibility for residents and visitors on the Golden Lane estate.

Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside    

£18,274 towards the modernisation and adaptation of the sound panels and sound control doors to improve sound control and safety of the Bow Bells.

City Property Association Limited    

£100,000 over two years (£50,000; £50,000) to support the One City project, the City of London's digital community. Funding for year two is conditional on the CPA providing significant evidence of the impact of this work.

Learning Through The Arts    

£49,984 over two years (£24,992; £24,992) to provide a series of children and family workshops for residents using multiple art forms from African drumming to Storytelling during the school breaks and holidays.

Repowering Limited    

£33,660 over two years (£26,877; £6,783) to support the capital costs for a 50kWp solar array to be installed on the Middlesex Street Estate and towards a two-year Community Champion role.

Barbican Centre Trust Limited    

£191,067 over 12 months to deliver a Creative Communities programme, collaborating with partners across the City to strengthen connections with and between neighbours and the culture on their doorstep.

Globe Studios Limited    

£198,633 over two years (£131,816; £66,817) to develop a creative studio and architecture/design library alongside a regular schedule of public, private and corporate creative classes.

Age UK City of London   

£48,171 over two years (£23,847; £24,324) towards the salary and associated costs of a Coordinator role, plus the costs of delivering a range of activities.

Fleet Street Sundial CIC    

£31,250 over five years (£23,250; £5,600; £800; £800; £800) to create the Fleet Street Sundial Artwork with its associated information plaques and to upgrade the website and provide ongoing maintenance.

Bevis Marks Synagogue Heritage Foundation    

£240,000 over four years (£130,000; £70,000; £20,000; £20,000) towards the salary of a Community Officer, a programme of community outreach and the cost of restorative work and access improvements.

St Vedast-alias-Foster    

£25,000 over one year to make the churchyard of St Mary Staining at the corner of Oat Lane fully accessible by replacing the steep steps with a graduated incline.

Maggie Keswick Jencks Cancer Caring Centres Trust    

£254,827 over five years (£51,609; £50,000; £50,000; £51,609; £51,609) towards the salary of a Cancer Support Specialist and creation of a therapeutic garden at Barts Hospital.

Becket Pageant for London, acting through the Skinners' Malmesbury Foundation

£24,500 to fund the community outreach and engagement elements associated with the Beckett Pageant for London including the schools programme.