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A powerful partner for the next decade of growth in Asia and the UK

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Promising Asia

Asia is a critical market for the City of London. The region now accounts for most of the world’s GDP growth. Emerging markets are expected to dominate the world’s top 10 economies by 2050. These Asian giants will significantly shape the world in important areas of finance, currency, infrastructure and trade in the next decade.

The growing importance of Asia has been reenforced by research conducted by the City of London Corporation in conjunction with Asia House for the Asia Next Decade campaign.

Read the Asia as a financial services partner for London report (1MB).

Planning the next 10 years of working with Asia

The City of London Corporation is celebrating 10 years of its direct presence in Asia, but most importantly it is also planning the next 10 years of creating opportunities for Asia and London in partnership.

Asia Next Decade: A decade of growth through partnership

London has retained its status as the world’s leading global financial centre in 2017 and given the outstanding growth and innovation in Asia, it is essential for London to reinforce our relationship with Asian markets. London’s efficient financial and capital markets are a natural link for Asian businesses– a perfect partner and a vital enabler of growth. London offers deep pools of liquidity and a plethora of sophisticated financial services products to support Asia’s burgeoning growth.

The City of London has a unique concentration of international expertise and capital, with a supportive legal and regulatory system, an advanced fintech ecosystem and an unrivalled concentration of professional services. The City of London Corporation plays a key role in sustaining London’s lead in international business and finance. To ensure and build deeper links with Asia, the City of London set up offices in China (Beijing & Shanghai) and India (Mumbai) in 2008.

The Asia Next Decade campaign is a time to both celebrate achievements, as well as make further commitments to Asia in the next decade by working with valued partners in industry and governments to hold a series of events across the year- about key markets and subsectors.


As part of the campaign series of events will be organised in London and across Asia, including:

  • March 2018: 10 year Celebrations in Shanghai, China
  • May 2018: Asia Next Decade Campaign launch Mumbai & Delhi
  • June 2018: Asia Next Decade Campaign Launch, Beijing
  • September 2018: Asia Decade Campaign Singapore

Roundtables and discussions: We will be conducting a series of talks and discussions to discuss strategies with Asia in the next 10 years, engaging governments, policy makers, and businesses across Asia and London.

Contact us

Find out more about the campaign, and work with us by emailing the Asia team ,our teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and London look forward to hearing from you.