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Our aim as the City Property Advisory Team is to 'make the City work' for businesses in the Square Mile.

We do this by regularly meeting businesses and discussing their future property needs, as well as any issues and concerns, and providing updates on major projects in the City that might affect them. Businesses in the Square Mile expect a world-class business environment, and we work with departments across the City Corporation on matters relating to infrastructure, property, public realm and amenities.

How we support City businesses

Finding new premises or overflow space - free, bespoke reports based on your criteria.

Affordable city offices – details of the most affordable space (709KB)* currently on offer in the City (with no size criteria), updated monthly. currently on offer in the City (with no size criteria), updated monthly.

*Please note this document is not fully accessible. If you require this PDF in a different format, please contact the CPAT Team.

Staying informed - regular meetings, e-bulletins and events on major projects that may impact/benefit you (including transport upgrades, events, highways and utility works, and consultations).

Issue resolution - working with colleagues internally, and external partners, to resolve issues you may be experiencing with the premises or the environment around them.

Telecoms and utilities - information and help to unblock issues and assess services available to you, including bespoke Telco searches and how to use the City's free WiFi network​.

Lobbying & policy change - ensuring your views and concerns are heard within the City Corporation, to inform policy and procedures.

We try and meet as many City businesses as possible - if you are a business based in (or coming to) the Square Mile and would like to be part of our contact programme, please email and we will be happy to meet.

The City of London: the original co-working space prospectus (3MB) (March 2017)

City Property Advisory team brochure (2MB) (March 2017)

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
07 July 2017