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A fast and affordable broadband connection is a crucial part of modern business and the City Property Advisory Team (CPAT) is working to help businesses and residents get what they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Whilst the City has 10 fibre optic networks, many of these provide high end business grade services which are not affordable for small businesses and residents.

CPAT is working with broadband operators to provide faster and more affordable broadband services for all. Find out more about where superfast broadband is currently available in the Square Mile, and where it will soon be delivered.

Some parts of streets may not be covered due to the arrangement of BT's network.

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Superfast broadband - What's in it for me?

At home...

Accessing broadband speeds of up to 80mpbs can transform a range of activities you can do online from home.

  • Working from home can save you time, money and give you a better work life balance
  • Study online with flexible hours using video tutorials
  • Have more than one person online at any one time doing more activites such as homework, online shopping; watching movies or gaming
  • Stream films and tv programmes in seconds or watch instantly

At work...

  • Grow your business with online marketing
  • Reach new customers through social media
  • Save time and money by communicating with colleagues and customers via Skype and other voice/video conferencing
  • Protect your product, customer and commercial data - you can be confident that your information is backed up instantly

How do I get superfast broadband?

​​First find out if you are in a superfast area

Access the BT Fibre Checker


Check with your internet service provider about the offers available to you. Remember - you can always shop around with different providers.

What are the benefits of superfast broadband?

Broadband download speeds of up to 80Mbits/s means

  • Quicker downloading of online content such as music, photos and films
  • Improved video calls to enhance living and working in the Square Mile
  • Making use of cloud technology to access files on the go
  • Future-proofing you and/or business with the latest technology to meet newer demands


Fill in the survey applicable to you below to show your interest in superfast broadband.