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Telecoms cables

The City of London is served by over 10 independent tier 1 telecommunications operators, (each with its own fibre optic network deployed in the ground), providing City businesses with unparalleled connectivity, speed, and resilience to support business operations throughout the Square Mile.

Communal Entry Chambers - our award-winning project​

A communal entry chamber is a large underground box that telecoms providers can connect in to. This allows businesses moving into a building to 'plug and play' using their chosen provider, without the need to dig up the streets to install new cabling.

The City Property Advisory Team pioneered the development and use of Chambers, along with colleagues in the Department of the Built Environment, and won an award in 2013 from the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG).

Download a short summary of the Communal Entry Chambers initiative (270KB) with case studies of completed developments.

Telco search - your options for providers in the City

If you are sourcing a new or additional telecommunications circuit, you will need to find information about tier 1 telecommunications operators or "telcos" in your area.

We developed the City Telco Search, a free service to assist businesses and property owners to identify which telcos are available in their vicinity.

To use this service, please send an email, providing the property address and your contact details, to:

You will receive a report containing contact details for the known telcos that have a network presence within 200 metres of your building. The report will arrive within two working days.

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
29 September 2017