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Are you thinking of becoming self-employed, starting a new business or wanting to expand your business? City Business Library hosts a range of seminars aimed at helping new/existing businesses including, online marketing, networking, social media, presentations and more. All of our seminars are run by independent consultants, staff or business support organisations.

Our experienced business librarians also run 'business to business database' workshops, to help you get to grips with our specialist electronic resources. In these one hour sessions, you will be shown how to create contact lists and research potential customers, suppliers and competitors.

All events are held at the City Business Library and are booked via Eventbrite.​​​

Are you a speaker?
If you are interested in becoming one of our speakers contact Alex Leader at​

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  1. Text saying CBL. *Focus on 121s*
    This 121 session is suitable for anyone who wants to start a business and needs advice and guidance on what they will need to do.
  2. database training 4.1) October 20th - Business to Business Database Training
    Are you looking for companies to do business with, whether as suppliers or customers, or potential partners? And would you like to know how they are performing? This hands-on workshop, using the City Business Library’s specialist electronic resources, will help you do just that.
  3. Nicola Millington 4.2) October 24th - How to Connect with Bloggers
    Through this workshop we hope you will learn how to connect with bloggers, to achieve the greatest impact for your business, which includes improved sales, as well as increasing your business profile.
  4. Assert your Personal Brand 4.3) October 25th - Assert your Personal Brand
    This workshop will deepen your knowledge of the importance of personal branding, how it impacts productivity and helps improve relationships.
  5. Marketing Trends 4.4) October 25th - Current Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business
    We have 3 speakers, with 3 bitesize marketing topics so that you can leave with a pocketful of manageable tools to enhance your online platforms. There will also be time to talk to our speakers between presentations and network with attendees.
  6. Veronica Broomes Speaker 4.5) October 26th - Grow Your Small Business and Build Your Teams
    In this interactive seminar, Veronica focuses on how to make outsourcing work successfully in small businesses. She shares strategies on how to avoid some common pitfalls when outsourcing for the first time or working with more part-timers on your team. Veronica also discusses essential actions and strategies you can apply to ensure effective and seamless outsourcing in your business.
  7. Colin Rutt 4.55) October 27th - CV Clinic
    Is your CV letting you down? Can’t get that all-important interview? Colin Rutt of the Portobello Business Centre will help you sharpen up your CV to help you get that job. Please bring a copy of your CV with you.
  8. Turn your Ideas into Business 4.6) October 31st - Turn your Ideas into Business
    Do often think of ideas and the wonder how to get your idea making money for you? Whether you want to explore your ideas and turn them into a business or just to find a solution to a problem, Nerea San Jose will help you to be creative and have an open mind to resolve any difficult situations.
  9. Insight into Ethical Fashion 4.7) November 1st - Insight into the Ethical Fashion Market
    The demand for ethical and sustainable fashion is growing in Britain. Whether you are a fashion designer, buyer or supplier, you will find useable insights to produce results from this seminar.
  10. Maria Lampert 4.8) November 2nd - A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property
    Regardless of what type of business you are engaged in it is very likely that you are regularly using and possibly even creating a large amount of intellectual property. This session will introduce the various areas of intellectual property and help you understand which may apply to you and your business.
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