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Are you thinking of becoming self-employed, starting a new business or wanting to expand your business? City Business Library hosts a range of seminars aimed at helping new/existing businesses including, online marketing, networking, social media, presentations and more. All of our seminars are run by independent consultants, staff or business support organisations.

Our experienced business librarians also run 'business to business database' workshops, to help you get to grips with our specialist electronic resources. In these one hour sessions, you will be shown how to create contact lists and research potential customers, suppliers and competitors.

All events are held at the City Business Library and are booked via Eventbrite.​​​

Are you a speaker?
If you are interested in becoming one of our speakers contact Alex Leader at

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  1. Text saying CBL. 121 Business Start-up Advice
    This 121 session is suitable for anyone who wants to start a business and needs advice and guidance on what they will need to do.
  2. Colin Rutt 2018/06/22 - CV Clinic
    If you would like to refresh your CV or target your CV for a particular job, come and talk to Colin for some expert advice.
  3. Dwain Reid 2018/06/27 - Networking Workshop
    Join Dwain to discover some simple tips to build a powerful network if you are too shy to network. Learn the 5 essential things to remember when in networking situations including how to break the ice and get into conversations.
  4. city business library 2018/06/28 - An introduction to business start-up
    Designed for anyone thinking of starting a business, this is an opportunity to look at some key elements to starting a business such as the legal structure, who you have to tell, funding and your business plan. Afterwards we will look at some of the Library's specialist resources where you can research your market for your business plan.
  5. Mira Rutter 2018/07/04 - Time Management: Focus on what matters most in your business
    Understand how to prioritise, focus and structure your day in a way that ensures your time and energy are optimised and learn how to maximise your time and get more of what’s important done in your business
  6. city business library 2018/07/05 - B2B database training
    This practical hands-on workshop will help you to create bespoke business-to-business (B2B) company contact lists for both UK and overseas companies and research potential clients and competitors using the Library's specialist databases.
  7. city business library 2018/07/05 - When a customer wins, nobody loses
    Gerry Brown takes us through the key elements of customer experience and tells us how you can adopt four simple principles that can be the difference between long term business success and ignominious failure.
  8. city business library 2018/07/09 - Recruitment for small businesses: 'The essentials'
    In a talk targeted at owners of mirco businesses and SMEs that are looking to grow and take on staff, Beverley will be discussing the important things to remember when recruiting and discussing the risk of using contractors and how we can create employment relationships without realising.
  9. city business library 2018/07/10 - Franchising: be in business for yourself but not by yourself
    Join us for our evening event looking at opportunities in franchising. Franchise businesses have more than 80% success rate with excellent support and customer mangement proceedures. Join our panel to hear about the advantages of franchising including how to attract finance from banks.
  10. Suzanne Stephenson 2018/07/10 - How to create effective video content to market your business
    Learn how to use video effectively to reach and connect with people through this increasingly powerful and engaging platform. Become on-camera confident and deliver engaging messages that resonate with your audience.
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