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Are you thinking of becoming self-employed, starting a new business or wanting to expand your business? City Business Library hosts a range of seminars aimed at helping new/existing businesses including, online marketing, networking, social media, presentations and more. All of our seminars are run by independent consultants, staff or business support organisations.

Our experienced business librarians also run 'business to business database' workshops, to help you get to grips with our specialist electronic resources. In these one hour sessions, you will be shown how to create contact lists and research potential customers, suppliers and competitors.

All events are held at the City Business Library and are booked via Eventbrite.​​​

Are you a speaker?
If you are interested in becoming one of our speakers contact Alex Leader at

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  1. Text saying CBL. 121 Business Start-up Advice
    This 121 session is suitable for anyone who wants to start a business and needs advice and guidance on what they will need to do.
  2. Mira Rutter photo 2018/01/23 - Business planning for success in 2018
    Mira Rutter will equip you with practical tools and techniques on how to plan for business success. You will walk away knowing how to bring your business vision into reality and how to keep going and stay motivated in the long run.
  3. Veronica Broomes photo 2018/01/24 - Pricing Strategy for Start ups & Small Businesses
    This two-hour workshop for small businesses will consider four pricing strategies to enable you to create the right price for you goods and services.
  4. developing mental toughness 2018/01/25 - Developing mental toughness
    Gain an awareness of your own mental toughness and areas for development; find out about the four characteristics of mental toughness and take away tools and techniques to develop mental toughness initiate an action plan focused on you and your business goals.
  5. CBL logo 2018/01/25 - Networking lunch: recruitment for small businesses
    Come to the City Business Library's networking lunch where Debra Spurway and Beverley Turton of HR Dept will be delivering a short talk on the essential things that business owners need to think about when recruiting.
  6. Mary Jane Boholst photo 2018/01/30 - Successful networking for entrepreneurs
    Do you dread networking? Mary Jane will teach you the 5 keys to successful networking that she used to go from being painfully shy and anxious to having fun and getting business from networking events.
  7. Dwain Reid photo 2018/01/30 - The 4 essential steps to starting or growing a successful business
    In this interactive workshop you will learn the 4 practical steps involved in getting your business started and thriving. This workshop is for anyone with a business idea unsure of the necessary steps to get started or for anyone that has started or running a business but is stuck getting it going or profitable.
  8. Cemanthe McKensie photo 2018/01/31 - Marketing and social media for your small business
    Cemanthe will cover practical marketing tips that are based on day to day experience, looking at the many marketing channels and how to use them, and top strategy tips for different social media platforms.
  9. The Inteview logo 2018/01/31 - The guide to changing your career and following your dreams
    This session will give you a 5 step "how to "guide to help you change your career and give you the confidence in proactively seeking a new role.
  10. City Business Library 2018/01/31 - Video Marketing for Small Businesses
    Video is not going away. In fact its dominance is on the increase with over 80% of internet traffic predicted to be video traffic by 2021. Come along to this seminar to discover how to harness the power of video for your business.
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