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The City Business Library subscribes to several resources providing information on the regions and countries of the world which are available to use free of charge in the Library.

Electronic resources

  • EIU Country Reportsprovides detailed country profiles for nearly 200 countries, including PEST/LE.
  • Passport (Euromonitor) includes country profiles, briefings and statistics on topics such as trade, infrastructure and technology.
  • MarketLine Advantageprovides country reports for over 200 countries. Reports include key facts, economic statistics and PEST/LE analysis. Find macro/socio-economic and demographic data using the Country Statistics database.
  • European Newsstream provides access to articles published in over 430 newspapers including all UK national newspapers.

Printed resources include

  • United Nations (UN) publications, including: Statistical Yearbook, International Trade Statistics Yearbook and World Economic and Social Survey.
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF) publicationsincluding: Direction of Trade Statistics and International Financial Statistics.
  • We also have copies of Central Bank reports and bulletins for some countries.
  • Oxford Business Group publishes reports on expanding markets which include interviews with politicians and business leaders.

International Trade

  • Specific doing business guides (published by official bodies or by commercial publishers) are available for some countries.
  • See Knowing Your Market for research on goods and services in a specific country.

Additional information sources

  • Mint Global provides detailed financial information on over 160 million companies worldwide. Search by country and industry to create a B2B contacts list. Download up to 250 companies per day.
  • Directories of products and services can be used to help identify the suppliers of specialist goods and services. For some countries we have directories of exporters and information on foreign-owned companies operating in a country.