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City Business Library has all the information you need to help you get your perfect job! Listed below is a sample of the resources - all of which can be used free of charge in the Library.

The Library  also holds 121 CV advice sessions and events relating to job-seeking skills.

Job advertisements

  • The Library subscribes to a large number of trade and professional journals as well as newspapers, many of which have job advertisements.

Recruitment agencies

  • The Recruitment & Employment Confederation website enables you to search for agencies by region and/or business sector.
  • The collection of market research reports also gives useful information on recruitment agencies, including profiles and contact details.

Company human resources/personnel departments

HR Nation has contact details for over 60,000 decision-makers in HR and training and covers over 12,000 major UK companies.

Job applications and interviewing techniques

  • The Library stock books for help with job applications, creating a CV, interview techniques and psychometric tests.
  • The City of London's lending libraries have books on careers in specific industries, eg law, medicine, IT, tourism, etc.
  • The National Career Service's website has excellent advice on looking for a job.

Background to businesses and companies

  • Fame and Mint Global: contact details for every registered company. Search by industry, location, turnover etc.
  • MarketLine Advantage and Passport: company profiles worldwide with business descriptions, company histories, executive details, products and locations. MarketLine Advantage is available remotely.
    IBISWorld: mini profiles on lead companies in different industries.
  • European Newsstream and Business Source Premier: articles on companies. Both are available remotely.

See company information and contact lists for further information.

Industry/sector information

  • To help with job applications and interview preparation, the Library has data on different markets/industry sectors in the UK and the rest of the world. Market research will describe trends in different industries and sectors, leading companies involved and forecasts for future developments.

See knowing your market for further information.

Doing business overseas

  • If you are thinking of working overseas, we have both printed and electronic resources that contain information including the economic and political climate of countries worldwide. See Doing business overseas for further information.

Starting your own business

See our starting a business resource guide for further information.​