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You can use all our specialist resources free of charge in the City Business Library. If you are a library member you will be able to access some of these resources remotely.  Membership is free.

Our databases are listed below with a short description:

Subject categories

  • Business start-up
  • Company information
  • Country information
  • Import and export
  • Law and Licencing
  • Market research
  • Newspapers and journals
  • Statistics

Business start-up

  • COBRA (Complete Business Reference Adviser) - Step by step guide to starting a business. Remote access available.

Company information

  • Alf Connect - UK marketing and advertising contacts. Includes company and brand spends. Contact details, including email addresses.
  • Asoko Insight - Contacts and profiles for over 10,000 companies in East and West Africa
  • Brad Connect - Rates of advertising, readership, circulation and prices of newspapers/journals. Contact details, including email addresses. UK national and regional titles.
  • Company REFS - Detailed financial data on all UK fully listed and AIM listed companies and offshore companies for investment.
  • Exporters almanac - Links to online industry directories, worldwide, plus international trade organisations and business networks.
  • Fame - Detailed financial information on all registered UK and Irish companies. Create B2B contacts list. A maximum of 250 companies may be downloaded per day.
  • Gibson Index – UK technology companies, early stage start-ups, university spinouts, SME veterans and technology-led consultancies.
  • IBISWorld - Mini profiles of leading companies in Australian, Chinese, US, UK and global industries.
  • MarketLine Advantage - Company profiles, SWOT analyses, Mergers and Acquisitions activity, Global. Remote access available.
  • Mint Global - Detailed financial information on over 180 million companies worldwide. Create B2B contacts list. A maximum of 250 companies may be downloaded per day.
  • Passport (Euromonitor) - Company profiles of around 30 countries.
  • Retail Directory - Contact details for shops, chains and wholesalers in the UK. Also includes buyers guide.
  • Statista - Overviews of companies sales and market shares.

Country information

  • EIU Country Reports - Detailed profile data for nearly 200 countries.
  • Exporters almanac - General, Economic and Trade profiles for over 200 countries and territories, plus commercial contacts.
  • MarketLine Advantage - Country reports, including PEST/LE analyses. Over 110 countries. Remote access available.
  • Passport - Profiles of over 30 countries.
  • Statista - Profiles of over 40 countries.

Import and Export

  • Exporters almanac - Trade statistics worldwide by commodity. Including: supply chain solutions; trade finance sources; logistics; insurance; Tariff information; business networks; company directories; country profiles.
  • Global Trade Tracker - Import/export data on 86 countries. Data from 2002 to date.
  • Passport - Statistics of 30 countries, including import and export data. Top level data (ie not individual commodities) from 1977. 
  • Statista - Statistics for over 40 countries including volumes and values of different products.

Legal informaion

  • Law & Business - Summarises legislation relating to starting, growing and running a business in England, Scotland and Wales. Remote access available.

Market research

  • COBRA - UK market synopses and sector research guides. Remote access available.
  • EIU Country Reports  – Detailed profile data for nearly 200 countries.
  • IBISWorld – In-depth market research for hundreds of Australian, Chinese, US, UK and global industries.
  • MarketLine Advantage - Global. Over 4,000 market research reports and statistics on different industry sectors. Remote access available.
  • Passport - Industry profiles and a vast amount of statistics of 30 countries from 1977 and forecasts for up to four years.
  • Statista - Statistics covering 400 industries.

Newspapers and journals

  • Access to Research - Worldwide academic publications on many industries, including business.
  • Business Source Premiere - Full text for more than 2,300 journals including articles on marketing, management, accounting, finance and economics. Remote access available.
  • European Newsstream - Includes all UK national and some regional and European newspapers. Remote access available.
  • IEG Vu - News and reviews of agricultural commodities.
  • Which Online - Reviews of products and services and awareness campaigns.


  • Global Trade Tracker - Import/export statistics.
  • MarketLine Advantage - Industry/trade statistics. Remote access available.
  • Passport - Demographics and industry/trade statistics of 30 countries.
  • Statista - Demographics and industry/trade statistics.