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New research publications

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  1. Boosting trade links with Australia and New Zealand
    This series looks at how to boost trade and investment between the UK, Australia and New Zealand in the financial and professional services sector.
  2. City of London Jobs
    The City statistics briefing looks at the City of London's role as a global business hub for financial and related professional services.
  3. Clusters and Connectivity: The City as a place for SMEs
    This research report analyses the opportunities that a location in the City offers and the challenges emerging from increasing pressure on SME (small and medium sized business) workspace
  4. Corporate community investment: four routes to impact
    The financial and related professional services (FRPS) sector is one of the most active and engaged in corporate community investment across the country with six out of the top ten contributing firms operating in the sector.
  5. Employment trends in the City of London, London and Great Britain
    Providing new analysis showing changes in employment in the City of London, London and Great Britain.
  6. Financial services hubs around the UK
    Financial services hubs around the UK. New analysis which reveals the sizeable contribution of regional financial services industries to the wider economy.
  7. Global investment: driving UK jobs and growth in financial services
    Global investment into the UK boosts job creation, capital investment, innovation and productivity, and the UK’s financial services sector attracts more than double the foreign direct investment than any other sector.
  8. Global talent in the City
    A hub for global talent, the City of London is one of the world's most international and diverse locations with 40% of workers born overseas.
  9. Greening the Belt and Road report
    China and the UK are working in close partnership to further the international collaboration needed to achieve the ambitious endeavour of greening the Belt and Road initiative (BRI).
  10. Improving international access to credit markets
    Improving International Access to Credit Markets is a major research report commissioned by the City of London Corporation and produced by Research Republic
Showing 1-10 of 25 results Show all