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Cultural innovation and entrepreneurship in London

21 May 2014

​Special interest paper

Download 'Cultural innovation and entrepreneurship in London' (1.69mb)

This new special interest paper, commissioned by the City of London and authored by Culture Label Agency, provides an overview of London’s creative, cultural and technology landscape and in particular, highlights how these industries are developing increasingly innovative ways of working – an emerging movement of ‘cultural entrepreneurship’.

Enabling these developments are transformations in the nature of the relationship between cultural institutions and their audiences, the ongoing technology revolution, the diversity of finance sources available and the development of new, commercially sustainable creative business models. The paper focuses on London as a particular context for cultural innovation. London is well-placed to be at the forefront of these changes, with its long standing strengths in arts and culture alongside more recent technology-focused developments.

This paper provides practical insights on how cultural institutions in London are drawing on cultural entrepreneurship in their business model, and acts as a ‘sounding board’ for the developments in this rapidly changing and new area of business. The paper draws on numerous case studies of innovative projects in this space to illustrate this.

20 May 2014
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09 August 2018