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Future workplaces and future workstyles in the City of London

10 March 2015

Download 'Future workstyles and future workplaces in the City of London' (7.12mb)

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The past few decades have seen significant shifts in workstyles and the workplaces needed to support them. There is an increasing expectation for office space to be more flexible and interactive, with offices expected to provide a wide range of settings that both attract and retain highly skilled staff, and respond to the changing demands of work.

This report looks at the implications of the changing nature of workstyles, and an evolving workforce, for the City of London and its workspaces, and explores how the City can meet changing needs to remain a world-leading location for businesses and workers over the next ten years. The report findings include a number of practical implications for City planners, policy makers, owners and developers in ensuring that office buildings and design are fit for the future.

This report was prepared for the City of London Corporation and the City Property Association by Ramidus Consulting.

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06 March 2015
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25 October 2017