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The future of London's power supply

08 April 2014

Special interest paper

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London faces considerable challenges in ensuring that energy demand can be met in a way that is both sustainable and reliable, especially as these demands continue to increase. Demand for energy is strongly linked with economic growth and as the economy in London grows, energy demand typically increases. The same patterns are being repeated globally and, as a result, we are seeing rising fossil fuel costs and more expensive energy prices. Additionally, the UK government has committed to ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, likely to result in significant changes to our energy use.

This report, commissioned by the City of London and authored by Stephen Jones Associates and South East Economics sets out the issues that London’s economy will face in meeting future rising power demands in the form of a road map. The road map is supported by materials set out in the report and provides a summary of the wider policy issues, London-specific issues and a timeline of key events.

07 April 2014
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25 October 2017