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05 June 2013

​Special interest paper

Download 'Tree diseases in London' (4mb)

London is one of the greenest cities of its size in the world, which both benefits its residents and workers and helps attract its millions of visitors annually. Trees play a vital role in London’s green infrastructure and provide a range of benefits – from improving air quality and regulating temperature to boosting physiological and psychological wellbeing. It is therefore of serious concern that London’s trees are increasingly under threat from new and emerging pests and diseases.

The City of London is taking proactive steps to help effectively manage these and other threats to London’s trees. This research outlines the economic, social and environmental benefits that trees bring to London, notes the key challenges faced, and raises a number of ways in which these can be addressed.

This special interest paper was commissioned by the City of London and authored by Ian Keen Limited.

04 June 2013
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25 October 2017