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  1. Global investment: driving UK jobs and growth in financial services
    17 October 2018
    This report highlights the role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in attracting jobs and capital across the UK and the strengths of UK regions.
  2. Fintech in the UK
    01 October 2018
    Key statistics on fintech strengths in the UK and clusters across the country
  3. London and the UK's strengths in cyber security
    26 September 2018
    Key statistics on how the cyber sector adds to London's strengths and why the UK and London are attractive for cyber investors.
  4. Trade in financial services
    25 September 2018
    Key statistics on the contribution of financial and business services to the UK economy
  5. London links: financial services UK wide
    26 July 2018
    The role financial and professional services play UK-wide in terms of exports, jobs and productivity
    London and the UK
  6. Corporate community investment: four routes to impact
    15 July 2018
    Corporate responsibility and community
  7. The Commonwealth connection: growing trade in services
    04 July 2018
    Business perspectives on the opportunities of services trade across the Commonwealth
    International markets
  8. Boosting trade links with Australia and New Zealand
    03 July 2018
    This series looks at how to boost trade and investment between the UK, Australia and New Zealand
    International markets
    City industries
  9. The City as a place for people
    05 March 2018
  10. Total tax contribution of UK financial services tenth edition
    27 November 2017
    This tenth edition of the Total Tax Contribution study looks at UK tax payments made or collected by financial services companies during the tax year to March 2017.
Showing 1-10 of 88 results Show all