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Value of fintech

12 October 2017

Value of fintech report cover

This research seeks to ‘unpack’ the term Fintech and its value, not only to financial services but also to other areas of the economy.

The report considers the position of SMEs, and whether they stand to benefit more from Fintech than they have through financial services conventionally delivered. It also aims to demonstrate how Fintech will continue to open access to financial services to individual consumers, particularly those hardest to reach.

The key recommendation is for a sector deal for Fintech that reinforces and cements the UK as a leading global hub for Fintech as the number one destination for Fintech businesses. This will develop a single policy vision for Fintech, coordinate open standards, enhance regional engagement and support talent development and greater access to capital for Fintech businesses.

This report was commissioned by the City of London Corporation and produced by KPMG.

Download the report: Value of Fintech (6MB)

05 October 2017
Last Modified:
19 October 2017