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  • Air quality
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    Air quality

    Find out how we propose to fulfil our obligations for improving air quality in the Square Mile

  • Environmental protection
    Thames river
    Other public health issues

    Contaminated land search, housing conditions, water pollution, radiation monitoring, stray dogs

  • Environmental protection
    Feedback and News
    Feedback and News

    Complete our questionnaire and find out more about our new projects

  • Environmental protection
    Noise Monitoring in the City
    Noise advice

    Advice on minimising environmental impacts: construction, demolition, planning, deliveries and more

  • Environmental protection
    Noisy Works
    Disturbed by noise?

    If you are suffering from excessive noise in the City we can help, advise and investigate the matter

  • Environmental protection
    City Landscape
    Noise strategy and policy

    Strategically working with others to minimise nuisance and noise impacts in the City