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​The Air Quality Strategy 2015-2020 outlines actions that will be taken to improve air quality in the Square Mile. Improving air quality is a complex problem and the strategy shows that the City tackles this in a variety of ways.

Find out more about the work the City is involved in to prevent and mitigate air pollution:

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  1. Close the Door Campaign
    The Close the Door campaign is a non-profit organisation which works with shops in the City of London to keep their doors closed when using heating or air-conditioning to save energy and reduce emissions to atmosphere.
  2. Science in the City
    Residents of the City have been and are monitoring air pollution in the City and discovering ways to reduce their exposure to poor air quality.
  3. The Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School
    The school took part in the Clean Air Zones Project. The pupils learned about the causes, effects and solutions to poor air quality and 'air quality plants' were planted. Click on the link above to find out more.
Showing 3 results