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YOU are the key to Cleaner Air

**Click here to find out about National Clean Air Day - 15th June 2017**​​​

​The City of London has some of the highest levels of pollution in the country due to its location, at the heart of London, and the density of development.

Poor air quality can harm human health and increase the incidence of cardiovascular and lung disease.​

National health based objectives for the pollutants nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and small particles (PM10) are not being met in the City, so the whole of the Square Mile has been declared an Air Quality Management Area.

The City of London Corporation is implementing a wide range of measures to reduce levels of local pollution. We are also asking businesses and residents to take simple steps to help to improve the air we all breathe.

The City of London Air Quality Strategy 2015 - 2020

The City of London published an Air Quality Strategy in 2015 outlining actions that will be taken to improve air quality in the Square Mile. The strategy details a number of initiatives such as:

Download the City of London Air Quality Strategy 2015 to 2020 (2MB)​​​

Progress with actions within the City of London Air Quality Strategy are detailed in annual Air Quality Reports.

Air Quality Data

The amount of pollution varies in the City from day to day. Information is available on daily pollution levels via a number of different services:

  • The CityAir Appis available free of charge and has been launched by The City of London Corporation and Kings College London for users to receive pollution alerts and to find low pollution routes around London.
  • Airtext is a free London wide service. You can subscribe via the website or by sending a text to 78070 to receive alerts about air pollution predictions
  • Hourly air quality data from the City of London monitoring stations and pollution alerts are also available via the London Air Quality Network website.
  • You may have seen 'diffusion tubes' around the City which monitor nitrogen dioxide, please email for results.

​Air quality reports and websites

Long term air quality data can be found in annual air quality reports. Read these and other reports relating to air quality management.

Further information about air quality can be found on the following websites:

Help stop unnecessary vehicle engine idling in the City

The City of London has an on-going problem with poor air quality and the main cause is emissions from road vehicles. Unnecessary engine idling adds to local pollution and during focused idling engine action days the City Corporation asks drivers to switch off their engines when parked. During 2016 there were five action days and in October 2016 the action days were extended to a further 11 London areas. See the Idling Action website for more details and how you can help.​

It is also possible for the City Corporation to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if drivers refuse to switch off. Please email if you notice any areas where vehicles are left idling so these areas can be targeted for enforcement and action days.​​