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Sir John Cass Foundation pupil working on the Clean Air Zones Project

​Pupil designing awareness raising material

Clean Air Zones Project

The City of London's Pollution Team worked with the Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School on the GLA and DEFRA funded Schools Clean Air Zones Project. This was an exciting project with the following objectives:

  • reduce exposure to poor air quality;
  • reduce emissions and concentrations around and within school; buildings, eg green infrastructure, no engine-idling signs, energy efficiency measures;
  • build public awareness and understanding of air quality;
  • work in partnership with schools and other agencies to deliver air quality improvements.

Activities at the school

The pupils were involved with various education programmes with Global Action Plan . They:

  • found out about the causes and effects of air pollution
  • monitored air pollution around the school;
  • investigated 'pollution loving' and 'pollution hating' lichen
  • produced no engine idling signs, posters, educational material, a walking map and webpages;

Greening at the school

Certain plants have been shown to trap tiny airborne particles and therefore green Ivy screens were installed in the school playground and on the roof garden. Pupils also helped plant over 100 'air quality plants'.

Sir John Cass Foundation pupils working on the Clean Air Zones Project

​Pupils writing letters to residents

Reducing your air quality footprint

The pupils identified ways in which we can all reduce our 'air quality footprint':

  • more sustainable transport choices, eg public transport and walking;
  • more efficient buildings and boilers, eg low NOx boilers;
  • switching off engines while waiting (which also saves money);
  • insisting on lower emissions at your workplace, eg encouraging suppliers to use low emission vehicles;
  • spreading the word by letting friends and family know what they can do to help.

You can also reduce your exposure to poor air quality by choosing to travel via routes with lower pollution. The City of London and Kings College London have developed a new CityAir App to help you do this.

Aldgate Highway changes and public realm improvements project

The area around Sir John Cass Foundation Primary School has been identified for green space improvements and highway changes which will lead to an improvement in air quality. Please see Aldgate Highway changes and public realm improvements project

10 October 2013
Last Modified:
29 September 2017