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Although air pollution in London is generally associated with road traffic, it is estimated that 38% of nitrogen oxide emissions in the City come from boilers, CHP and diesel generators (which also contribute to particulate levels).

In addition, deconstruction and construction activities can contribute negatively to air quality if not appropriately managed. New and refurbished developments can therefore reduce their impact on air quality and reduce exposure through:

  • appropriate development design, layout and energy efficiency
  • appropriate site management during deconstruction and construction
  • the installation of low and zero emission technology
The Institute of Civil Engineers has produced a report into Civil Engineering Solutions to London's Air Pollution 2.5MB.

Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

So developers can minimise emissions and exposure to air pollution, the City Corporation has produced an Air Quality SPD. It was formally adopted on 25 July 2017 following public consultation. The non-design version of the City of London Air Quality SPD 1.51MB is currently available and is accompanied by a SPD Consultation Statement 181KB​ and SPD Adoption statement 254KB

The SPD provides City Corporation detailed guidance​​e relating to the GLA's London Plan Air Quality Policies and the City Corporation's Local Plan Air Quality Policies.

An Equalities Impact Assessment (200KB)and Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Statement (60KB)​ have been produced which demonstrate the SPD has a largely neutral or positive impact.

Additional City Corporation SPD's and consultations can be found on the Supplementary Planning Document webpage

Chimney Height Approvals and Generator Emissions​

See the Chimney Emissions' webpage for Clean Air Act and emission reduction guidance.​

​Minimising impact during Deconstruction and Construction - Code of Practice

The City Corporation has produced a Code of Practice for Deconstruction and Construction (1MB). There is a dedicated air quality chapter which incorporates City Corporation and appropriate GLA requirements.

The City Corporation's Code has recently been updated and the draft document​ includes the requirement for appropriate Non Road Mobile Machinery engines to meet the Euro Stage IIIB and to be registered on the dedicated NRMM website. A NRMM Practical Guide (4MB) has also been produced which provides further guidance.

Further details regarding managing construction site emissions and NRMM emission research projects can be found via the London Low Emission Construction​ Partnership website.

Environmental Permits

Some premises in the City require a permit to operate if they release certain emissions. See the Environmental Permits Page for more details.

Further Inform​ation

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